Going Forward

The help we need to improve our work

A channel for North KOreans

We want to deliver a diverse range of content to our North Korean viewers abroad. Our long term goal is to become an exclusive channel for North Koreans, catered to their interest and needs. Lend us your expertise to help build the future of North Korean media. 

An offline Media Network

Building a sustainable, secure network for foreign media in North Korea is an important part of our of long term goal. Directing influencing North Korea with a discrete media sharing network and device, in the shape of Cuba’s “El Paquete Seminal”, would be a huge catalyst for change in North Korea.  Share your technological expertise with us and help us bring freedom to North Korea.

An international coalition

Collaborating with like-minded organizations that are tackling human rights and freedom of information issues around the world will improve access to information for thousands of North Koreans. 

Academic Assistance for North KOrean defectors

Attending university may come at a great cost to many North Korean defectors, especially those that have come on their own. Entering a new education system while having to be financially sustainable becomes a huge challenge. We want to help students in need so they can concentrate on their studies and plan for a brighter future.